5. Efenco OÜ

Company: Efenco OÜ

Founders: Kristjan Tiik, Aleksandr Nagornoy and Aleksander Vlasov

Website: https://efenco.eu/

Efenco OÜ

About Efenco OÜ


Efenco is a forward-thinking cleantech startup based in Tallinn, Estonia, co-founded by Kristjan Tiik, Aleksandr Nagornoy, and Aleksander Vlassov. It emerged as a passionate response to the urgent global need for transitioning to low-carbon technologies amidst the ongoing reliance on fossil fuels, which still account for nearly 80% of the world’s energy production. Efenco is dedicated to enhancing the energy conversion efficiency of industrial furnaces and boilers, significantly reducing their carbon footprint through its innovative technology.

At the heart of Efenco’s mission is the patented High-Energy Ray Ceramic Chip (HERC), a groundbreaking advancement capable of reducing CO2 emissions and fuel costs by at least 18% across various energy-intensive industries. This includes sectors like electricity generation, pulp and paper, chemical manufacturing, and more. HERC technology harnesses waste heat to generate plasma-assisted combustion, thereby improving thermal conversion efficiency and enabling retrofits to existing gas-fired infrastructures within hours.

Since its founding in 2015, Efenco has successfully raised €4.5 million in funding, demonstrating the confidence of investors and institutions such as the European Innovation Council and the European Investment Bank in its potential. The company’s ambitious goal is to eliminate 77 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2033, showcasing a commitment to making a significant environmental impact. Efenco’s technology not only promises to enhance industrial energy efficiency but also positions itself as a pivotal player in the reduction of global carbon emissions.

Efenco has proven its technology’s effectiveness through multiple pilot projects, including a notable 20% energy savings achievement in the heating system of a district heating company in Tallinn. With six additional commercial pilot projects on the horizon, Efenco is poised for widespread adoption and impact. The startup’s technology is not limited to large-scale industrial applications but also aims to improve energy efficiency in smaller-scale boilers, including domestic heating solutions.

As Efenco continues to innovate and expand its reach, the company remains focused on contributing to a more sustainable and efficient global energy landscape. By prioritizing partnerships with entities committed to overall energy usage reduction, Efenco aligns its technological advancements with broader environmental goals, paving the way for a transition to greener, more sustainable energy solutions.

Efenco’s journey reflects a blend of technological innovation, environmental stewardship, and strategic growth, underscoring its role as a catalyst in the global shift towards cleaner energy and reduced carbon emissions.



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