6. Better for All

Company: Better for All

Founder: Raegan Kelly

Website: https://www.betterforall.co


Better for All


About Better for All


Better for All is a trademark of Geosphere LLC, a California-based company launched in 2019 to address the scourge of single-use plastic pollution. As Better for All, we took on the specific challenge of addressing the 500 Billion plastic and styrofoam single-use cups thrown away globally every year. After 50+ years of trying, recycling rates are still at an abysmal 5-9% in the US, so we set about finding the most compostable, nontoxic, biobased material available at scale. We saw the challenges faced by polylactic acid (PLA) cups because they need a very specific environment and temperature in which to compost. We set our sights on PHA, a biopolymer made by fermenting carbon-rich feedstocks which is biodegradable in a number of environments and settings. In 2020 we selected Kaneka Biopolymers Green Planet PHBH, and set about developing a line of certified home compostable single and limited-use cups.

Today we have three cup sizes, a 16 oz and an 8 oz cup available commercially and a 20/22 oz Stadium cup available in pilot quantities.

Better for All cups are BPI-certified to compost in 10 weeks in commercial composters, and TUV-certified home compostable to compost in less than 6 months in home composters.

Our cups are made from pure Kaneka Green Planet PHBH, with no manufacturing additives or chemicals:

  • 100% Biobased
  • No Toxins or Additives
  • TUV-certified home compostable and BPI-certified compostable
  • High temperature resistant up to 212 Farenheit, dishwasher-safe. Perfect for warm or cold beverages.
  • Distinctive design with a natural colour, which makes our cups stand out in a crowd, and easy to sort for waste management and composters.

We focus on selling our products to closed-loop settings—for example the upcoming Tortuga music festival in Fort Lauderdale—because this is where we can have the biggest impact. Many of these events have tight security and control the inflow of food and drink from offsite locations. Because of this, spectators often purchase food and drinks during the event and dispose of the remains as they depart the premises.

After the event, because food and drink leftovers end up in the waste bins with cups and plates, venue management is faced with a sorting challenge—food scraps, recycling, and landfill.

Recyclables that are soiled with food end up in the landfill waste stream. Compostables like our cups can radically reduce loss to landfill and sorting labour by making it possible for dirty plates, food scraps, cups and napkins to comprise a SINGLE waste stream destined for a commercial composting facility.

Even if our cups don’t end up in a commercial composting facility, they can be composted at home, and can even biodegrade anaerobically in a landfill environment. This helps to reduce the amount of single-use plastics ending up in landfills after a major event.



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