40. Cyber Energia

Company: Cyber Energia

Founders: Jonathan Navon and Rafael Narezzi

Website: http://www.cyberenergia.com


Cyber Energia


About Cyber Energia


Founded in 2022 and backed by a £4 million investment, start-up company, Cyber Energia, has developed a unique, patented technology to prevent cyberattacks of renewable energy sites.

In order to meet the mid-century goal of Net Zero, renewable energy will be vital to supply the world’s low carbon electricity. In only three years’ time, over 42% of the world’s electric power will come from renewable energy, but it is hugely susceptible to cyberattack from hostile groups. Today the UK renewable energy industry faces as many as 880 million cyber risks, with over 300 attempted security breaches at any one moment and up to 1,000 attacks per day. In the UK wind sector alone, only 1% of wind energy firms have adequate cyber protection. Defence against these attacks have never been so critical to ensure our renewable energy supply helps to deliver a greener, more sustainable world.

Cyber Energia’s technology continuously collects security information across all topologies including all devices and systems on the network; how they communicate with each other; as well as identifying gaps in safeguarding. Most importantly, the system portal provides real-time visualisation of attacks as they are happening, the threat level, revenue at risk, number and type of breaches prevented, plus remedial recommendations so operations teams can stop cyber assaults in their tracks.

Despite being such a young company, Cyber Energia already has over 400 renewable sites in their UK sales pipeline, which is testament to the need for renewables-specific security.



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