41. EthicsAnswer

Company: EthicsAnswer

Founder: Charles Radclyffe

Website: https://www.ethicsanswer.com





About EthicsAnswer


EthicsAnswer, developed by EthicsGrade, revolutionises ESG disclosure processes with its user-friendly interface. Users can effortlessly upload any ESG survey, whether from rating agencies like EcoVadis and CDP or customer questionnaires, and receive completed responses within moments. Leveraging publicly available reports or user-uploaded documents, EthicsAnswer generates accurate answers, complete with verbatim excerpts, linked sources, and page references.

Traditionally, ESG professionals grappled with tedious tasks using tools like Excel, which proved cumbersome and inefficient. EthicsAnswer fills this void in the software landscape, streamlining repetitive tasks and enhancing productivity and improving the consistency of responses.

By addressing the information-sharing and transparency issues in ESG disclosure, EthicsAnswer provides companies with the ability to respond to the many different standards and viewpoints stakeholders in a fraction of the time, paving the way toward a more transparent and sustainable investment ecosystem.

EthicsGrade was founded in 2019 by Charles Radclyffe, the former head of AI at Fidelity. Radclyffe recognised the lack of high-quality data on corporate digital responsibility (CDR) and sought to develop a solution that would allow investors to understand the ethical risks associated with emerging technologies.

In its initial years, EthicsGrade focused on CDR, data and AI. It established publicly available ratings for companies before inviting them to the survey platform, InsideView, to provide supplementary private data on their ESG practices.

EthicsGrade provided the world’s first dataset on digital ethics. They further recognised the lack of nuance in ESG standards and ensured that their dataset could be tailored to the ethical priorities of any fund. In 2022, EthicsGrade joined the ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator, having previously graduated from Nasdaq’s ESG-focused accelerator programme and LHoFT Kickstarter Catapult in 2021.

It was during this period the team at EthicsGrade reached out to Chief Sustainability Officers (CSO’s) to discuss how to create the best survey platform, however the feedback was unanimous – CSO’s were overwhelmed by surveys they didn’t need a better platform they needed a process or tool to alieviate the burden. EthicsGrade realised it already possessed the technology to assist having already developed the ability to automate the completion of their own survey for any company.

EthicsGrade now utilises this technology, as EthicsAnswer, to offer a consumer-facing platform capable of answering any ESG question on any company for any stakeholder. EthicsAnswer is poised to tackle the challenge EthicsGrade first set out to resolve in 2019, albeit in a different way than initially anticipated.



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