43. instantprint

Company: instantprint

Founders: James Kinsella and Adam Carnell

Website: https://www.instantprint.co.uk/




About instantprint


Founded in 2009, instantprint is the largest UK-based online printer. They believe that their responsibility to people, the planet and their desire to be commercially successful should work together in balance, each supporting the other to create a sustainable workplace.

In 2022 instantprint published their sustainability strategy, which set out four branches of sustainability, aligned to the instantprint company values:


• Committed to Cutting Carbon

• Putting The Planet First

• Sustainability at The Source

• Inspiring Green Team and Culture


In the last year they have begun to realise their vision, inspiring change within their team, improving processes and driving forward several projects.

instantprint are certified as Carbon Neutral under the Achilles Carbon Zero scheme, they measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with ISO14064-1. Through the Achilles Carbon Reduce Scheme they demonstrated absolute reductions:


• Base year – 40.08 tCO2e/£m

• 2021-22 – 32.47 tCO2/£m

• 2022-23 – 20.74 tCO2/£m


These savings can be attributed to several efficiency improvements and environmental improvement projects, some are outlined below:


• instantprint installed a 0.3GWH solar array at their Manvers manufacturing site, the largest possible with the current local infrastructure. An average of 7% of total electricity usage is generated onsite.

• Since moving another building to a REGO backed tariff, an average of 99.43% of imported electricity comes from renewable sources.

• In September instantprint eliminated the bottom tier of the waste hierarchy from their operations, ensuring 0% of their waste goes to landfill.

• Following an internal survey, instantprint established a new dry mixed recycling waste stream, a great example of ‘Inspiring Green Team & Culture’. The new stream means even less of waste is classed as ‘General Waste’ and can be dealt with in a more specialised and sustainable manner.

• instantprint also removed the use of plastic wrapping heat tunnels from their packaging process, greatly reducing the amount of plastic used and energy used onsite, this was led by team members following one of instantprint’s sustainability training modules.

• instantprint moved operations for their Kingsbury Press brand from Doncaster to their Manvers facility. The reduction in travel between the two sites has made a huge improvement to their environmental impacts. They have since integrated Kingsbury Press into the Manvers Waste Management System, reducing the number of waste collections and subsequently the distance being travelled by their waste care partners.

• instantprint have built a comprehensive system, to analyse and evaluate their value chain. They have begun reaching out to suppliers that contribute to the top 80% of their spending. Their intension is to collaborate with the links in the chain, to ensure both parties are moving in the same direction, improving outcomes for all.

• instantprint extended the scopes they report on, including staff commuting and purchased goods and services. They plan to continue these scope extensions each year.


To further champion sustainability they:


• Communicate sustainability messages through weekly bulletins, management presentations and training

• Incorporate sustainability targets into business wide OKR’s

• Established an Efficiencies Taskforce, driving production improvements

• Are ISO 14001, ISO 14064-1 and Forest Stewardship Council™ certified




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