Company: NOMOQ

Founder: Patrick Schweizer

Website: https://www.nomoq.com





Revolutionising beverage packaging; NOMOQ is the sustainable, creative, and affordable solution the drinks industry has been looking for.


Founded in Switzerland 2022 by a team of craft beverage enthusiasts, NOMOQ swiftly emerged as a trailblazer in the digital printing industry. With a fervent passion for transforming beverage cans into truly sustainable artistic masterpieces, NOMOQ introduced a groundbreaking concept: No Minimum Order Quantity (NOMOQ), rendering one single can as the new minimum order on infinitely recyclable cans.

This innovation shattered barriers, making high-quality, 100% recyclable, custom-designed beverage cans accessible even for smaller budgets or production lines. NOMOQ’s offerings include full-colour digital printing on cans of various sizes—standard, sleek and slim—in finishes ranging from matte and gloss to selective gloss and metallic.


Overcoming Challenges and Achievements:


Navigating the competitive landscape of the beverage industry, NOMOQ has encountered and surmounted numerous challenges.

NOMOQ offers a unique service to dramatically redefine drinks packaging through demonstrating its cutting-edge technology and fostering a culture of creativity and flexibility. NOMOQ is setting out to better educate its customer base about the sustainable flexibility and creativity of aluminium cans, as well as their incredible conservation qualities, transportability and circular economy.

The company’s commitment to quality, rapid turnaround times, and customer satisfaction has propelled it to the forefront of the industry, now working with global brands, co-packers and hundreds of customers across all beverage types. Moreover, NOMOQ opened its UK production facility in Leamington Spa in 2023, which will reduce its carbon footprint further while servicing the UK beverage market.


Environmental Impact and Sustainability:


NOMOQ’s impact extends beyond the realm of printing—it champions and promotes sustainability at every turn.

NOMOQ’s digitally printed cans boast superior recyclability and sustainability credentials.

With NOMOQ’s digitally printed cans, each individual product is 100% recyclable, resulting in less CO2 emissions and a significant reduction in energy required to complete the process than labelled and plastic sleeved cans which produce 10 x more organic waste than digitally printed cans.

Moreover, aluminium cans, with their lightweight and high recycling rate, emerge as a sustainable alternative to one-way glass bottles. NOMOQ’s commitment to sustainability is not merely theoretical; it’s backed by tangible actions, such as sourcing cans from the leading aluminium beverage can supplier Ardagh Metal Packaging with multiple production sites in the UK to keep transportation distance of the goods as short as possible.

By making strides in sustainability and environmental stewardship, NOMOQ sets a new standard for responsible beverage packaging. NOMOQ drives the circular economy by creating impactful and accessible change and how brands, big and small, should consider making big yet easily affordable changes to printed cans.

NOMOQ embodies innovation, creativity, and sustainability in the beverage can printing industry. With its pioneering approach, NOMOQ continues to redefine the boundaries of possibility, leaving an indelible mark on both the industry and the environment.



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