48. Empowering Environmentalism

Company: Empowering Environmentalism

Founder: Jess Carter

Website: https://www.jesscarter.co.uk

Empowering Environmentalism


About Empowering Environmentalism

I launched Empowering Environmentalism last year (2023). As a passionate environmentalist with many years experience in project management, community engagement and training I started the business to help people to maximise their positive impact on the planet whilst balancing the realistic needs of their work and lifestyle. Together with my collaborators we work with impact-led entrepreneurs to build businesses that are resilient and proactive which ultimately will be able to thrive despite the climate and environmental changes that we will inevitably experience in the future.

The courses I have created are practical, easy to follow and affordable. They cover Environmental Essentials, Marketing for Eco Enterprises, Carbon Reduction – A Step-by-Step Guide, Regenerative Revenue and Ecological Mindset.

Also, there is a closed facebook group, The Sustainbility Academy, which provides like-minded members with a chance to network and exchange ideas as well as taking advantage of useful resources and the opportunity to learn from informative masterclasses.

Since launching I have been working with a wide range of clients both in person and online. To give a few examples, these have included running workshops for all the employees in a firm of solicitors on the benefits of reducing the use of single use plastics and waste, helping a consultancy which is in the throes of re-branding to put together a sustainability strategy that is fit for purpose, supporting a local parish council to prioritise sustainable actions within the community and helping an outdoor activity centre to reduce their environmental impact.

I enjoy speaking and have been asked to talk at various local business forums and networking sessions including Chambers of Commerce, Low Carbon Hubs and to students at schools and other education establishments including Exeter University.

You ask about the challenges I have faced and I can honestly say the biggest one for me has been overcoming periods of self-doubt and not feeling confident enough to keep driving the business forward. Thankfully the busier I am getting, the less I am experiencing this, and if asked in a year from now, I would hope I can say that I have overcome this particular and rather difficult challenge.

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to environmental best practice and therefore my mission is to create a user friendly platform that will inspire, as well as help, individuals and businesses to live and work in a more planet-friendly way. I think I have made a good start but there is still a long way to go!


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