49. Flotilla

Company: Flotilla

Founders: John Rastrick and Anthony Bagshaw

Website: https://www.flotillaworld.com/ flot-logo

About Flotilla


Flotilla is an ESG and climate-tech platform and consultancy, combining technology, science-based intellect, and expertise to equip businesses with end-to-end solutions to measure their carbon footprint and develop and excute a measurable net zero strategy whilst delivering wider ESG value.

Incorporated in 2020 as a reaction to the climate crisis and slow progress towards the 2015 Paris Agreement in the private sector, Flotilla helps businesses make a positive environmental difference that also makes commercial sense, ensuring cross-stakeholder buy-in.

Today, Flotilla works with leading SMEs, business owners and the financial and professional services community, including PE firms, global law firms, asset managers, tech companies, surveyors, architects, and leading industry organisations such as BIBA, RICS and BVCA.

The solutions Flotilla offers include:

ESG health check assessments and maturity reviews.

Carbon accounting – Fully automated reports with 3-year trend analysis and carbon waterfalls covering all key impacts and scopes 1, 2 & 3.

A technology-powered sustainability platform – aligning and benchmarking plans with science-based targets and formulating impactful action using an online project planning tool.

Employee engagement surveys and training academy with IEMA-accredited qualifications.

Access to accredited green tech partners, biodiversity and climate contribution schemes.

Reporting and compliance – a full suite of stakeholder reports from Commitment Statements to full ESG Responsible Business Reports.

So far, Flotilla has encountered several challenges facing both the business and its clients. One is the perceived complexity and time-consuming nature of corporate climate action. The team has worked tirelessly to ensure their tech platform is automated and simple to adopt and use with existing data, while also helping clients to improve their data collection processes throughout their journey.

In a world where people are increasingly wary of greenwashing, Flotilla offers action-oriented, evidence-based, and scientifically approved solutions. These have the endorsement of leading academic and climate institutions, including Leeds University and the world-renowned Priestley International Centre for Climate, the UN and Prof. Piers Forster, the Chair of the UK Climate Committee. Its B Corp certification also helps to reassure clients of its commitment to real ESG action.

Every organisation Flotilla works with is at a different stage on its net zero journey. The adaptable suite of products and solutions is therefore ideal. These can be combined in a bespoke, end-to-end process designed to guide clients to net zero and beyond.

For such a young business, Flotilla has made rapid progress by investing heavily in technology, team and community, producing some impressive results. In 2022, Flotilla helped clients save the equivalent of 122 return flights between the UK and Hong Kong, with the average customer footprint falling from 937.2 to 606.1 tCO2e between 2022 and 2023. The employee survey technology delivers, on average, an 85% engagement rate from client employees, whilst delivering invaluable feedback for the business.

Flotilla is rapidly growing and recruiting. The combined intellect of its people and its industry-leading, scientifically informed tech, sets the business apart from other ESG consultancies and technology providers.


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