50. Milliways

Company: Milliways

Founder: Tom Raviv

Website: https://www.milliwaysfood.com/




About Milliways


Tom Raviv, founder of Milliways, launched the plant-based, plastic-free and planet-friendly chewing gum brand in 2021. As an avid gum chewer, Tom found himself frustrated by the lack of healthier and more sustainable choices on the market, after the shock of finding out that conventional chewing gum is made from single-use plastic (about two plastic straws’ per piece!).

Led by his desire to lead a heathy and sustainable lifestyle, Tom’s ambition was simple: disrupt the gum market and its reliance on single-use plastic ingredients, in turn reducing the carbon impact of the world’s second most littered item, made predominantly from petroleum-based polymers.

Approximately 374 billion pieces of gum are consumed globally each year, yet in the UK, just 10-20% of it is disposed of responsibly – leading to widespread non-biodegradable plastic-waste in landfills and waterways. With an astonishing 85% of the general population in the UK unaware that there’s plastic in conventional gum, the main challenge for Milliways is public education – a problem that has driven the development of the brand over the last twelve months.

Less than three years since it launched, Milliways is now available in over 6,500 retailers in the UK including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Pret A Manger, Costa, WHSmith and Wholefoods. The brand is also now the number 1 bestselling plastic free gum brand, the fastest growing gum brand and the third biggest gum company in the UK.

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