58. Carbon Responsible

Company: Carbon Responsible

Founder: Hugo Kimber

Website: https://www.carbonresponsible.com/

Carbon Responsible


About Carbon Responsible


Hugo Kimber founded Carbon Responsible in 2011, initially to help the travel industry grapple with the emissions associated with holidays. Over the years, we’ve developed the world’s leading travel industry database, helping to guide industry reporting.

We produce advanced and cost-effective carbon reporting for a range of clients including premier league football teams, global charities and private equity firms. Our data-driven solutions coupled with expert advisory supports our clients on their decarbonisation journeys. Working with us reduces risk through audit-level accuracy, helps to drive operational efficiency by uncovering emissions sources, and solves multiple regulatory hurdles.

As carbon accounting experts, we are mindful that our own business operations remain as sustainable as possible. Whether that’s commuting to the office by foot, cycle or public transport and seeing clients virtually where possible.

Currently, we are preparing to grow the team as we onboard more clients wanting to improve their carbon reporting and emissions disclosure.



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