59. Fils

Company: Fils

Founder: Nameer Khan

Website: https://filsnow.com/#



About Fils


Fils, founded in November last year in the build-up to COP28, is a groundbreaking fintech enterprise dedicated to embedding sustainability into the fabric of digital transactions. With its innovative API-driven platform, Fils enables businesses of all sizes to integrate climate-positive solutions seamlessly into their operations, fostering environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. Leveraging the latest fintech innovations and blockchain technology, Fils is committed to facilitating the transition to a sustainable economy, empowering organisations to make a positive impact on the planet with every transaction.

Since launch, Fils has signed partnerships with an impressive list of industry leaders. The fintech first signed an infrastructure partnership with the Sui Foundation, building on the Sui blockchain to boost transparency and accountability in the carbon credits industry. Partnerships to deploy Fils’ sustainability tech followed, including Mashreq Bank, E& Enterprise and Magnati in the UAE, and Geidea and CASHIN in Saudi Arabia. The partnerships cover millions of merchants, tracking the emissions of global payments. Fils is looking forward to a global expansion later this year throughout Europe and Asia.



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