Do You Take Bitcoin?? Meet The UK Companies Accepting Crypto as Currency


With bitcoin hitting highs last week, we wanted to speak to the companies who have decided to accept crypto as currency, finding out more about their reasons behind this, the coins they’ll be accepting and more…


Companies Accepting Crypto as Currency:


  • Natures Healthbox
  • Kate Baucherel (Author)
  • Project D
  • Badiarov Violins
  • Diamonte Jets
  • BitcoinPoint
  • Alternative Airlines


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Natures Healthbox, Comments from Owner Jon Welsman





“We have been considering accepting some forms of cryptocurrency for a long period of time, but we weren’t sure about both the volatility, cash flow issues around this, taxing details and whether it was more susceptible to fraud or scams. But as we have seen Bitcoin go up by 764% over the past year and Ethereum go up by 1,377%, it is clear we would have been much better off going down this avenue rather than relying on the small amounts offered by banks, with interest rates rarely hitting 1%.”

“Understanding payment gateway solutions for cryptocurrencies has been a learning curve. But we don’t feel there is too much risk to implementing this, as only a small portion of customers would currently be buying with Bitcoin.”

“One slight fear is that we are in a bull market, meaning it could drop off if it becomes a bear market, like it did in 2018, but with new ATH’s constantly being achieved, it is difficult to know how high it can go. Many are predicting Bitcoin to be worth 100k by the end of the year, or at most in 18 months.”


Kate Baucherel, Author





“When I wrote my first novel and called it ‘Bitcoin Hurricane’ I knew I’d get the inevitable question. Yes, of course you can buy it in bitcoin, I said.”

“Since then I have made a handful of sales of books in cryptocurrency. For most buyers, it’s an exploration of the process, building confidence in the strangeness of holding a crypto wallet, paying through a bar code, and defining value down to ten decimal points.”

“My intention in accepting bitcoin was always to educate – I write serious books about blockchain, too – and to expand the borders of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in my own small way.”

“Currencies only work if you can transact in different directions, receiving and paying for goods and services. This is as true of normal currency as it is for crypto. Increasing the opportunities to use crypto reduces the friction at the edges, removes the need to exchange back and forth between currencies, and increases adoption. It’s definitely the way forward.”


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Project D, Comments from Co-Director Max Poynton





“We are an innovative luxury doughnut company and we’re fairly sure we are the first bakery in the UK to accept payment by cryptocurrency and we’re proud to add our name to the growing list of companies investing in the world’s fastest growing currency.”

“We make handcrafted, highly decorated and Instagram-friendly doughnuts, and although we are based in Derby we deliver doughnuts to doorsteps across England and Wales.”

“We pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and we think we could be the first company in Derbyshire to accept virtual payments, but we certainly won’t be the last. The fact that some of the biggest companies in the world now accept the many forms of cryptocurrency indicates that it will play a significant role in the future of purchasing, possibly because it’s cheaper, faster and more secure.”

“Ever since we moved our operation online we have been busier than ever, which just proves that customers want that simplicity, so the next logical step was to accept an online currency. Last year, Project D picked up an innovation award after impressing the business community in Derby with our entrepreneurial spirit during lockdown.”

 “We were quick to realise that adapting our website, which was only a landing page originally, could help Project D survive lockdown and we were able to get this up and running within a week. It’s clear that today’s customers are tech-savvy and prefer to do their shopping and browsing online. The natural progression from this is to start offering cryptocurrency and we’re really looking forward to seeing just how many people are willing to purchase in this way.”

“We want Project D to be as successful and well respected as Tesla and Rolex, so we are very happy to be following in their footsteps.”


 Badiarov Violins, Comments from Dmitry Badiarov





“In 2014 LeoGroup purchased a Stradivari violin using Bitcoin. It was the first Bitcoin swap of this kind and Matt Allain, senior managing director of LeoGroup, in a video for WSJ said, “If you can do that [buy a Stradivari], you should be able to use Bitcoin swap to do much more pedestrian transactions.”

“The widespread institutional acceptance of the Bitcoin situation in 2021 is very different.”

“In addition to the growing acceptance, blockchain technology and NFTs are quickly revolutionising how the art and music scene might be operating in the very near future.”

“We are moving to the epoch where blockchain technology and crypto payments will be easy, fast, and common. And even if they are perhaps not so common just yet, they are indeed pleasingly simple, fast and secure.”

“Which is why Badiarov Violins has introduced crypto acceptance in the early 2021.”

“Customers can now choose how they want to pay for products such as custom designed concert grade fine baroque or “modern” violins or Violoncellos da spalla or for the services such as training for professional instrument makers, which we conduct at the Authentic Instrument Makers Academy, both LIVE and online, or entrepreneurship for freelance music professionals – the Professional A.R.T.I.S.T. Pathway system.”

“Customers will be benefiting from this when they can choose between fiat or crypto such as Bitcoin or Ethereum: while the value of fiat is going down at an unprecedented pace, the value of crypto is fluctuating on its strong bullish trend. At least for the time being.”

“This is not investment advice. It is just the fact: at Badiarov Violins we embrace technology that contributes to the greater good. And Bitcoin payments are accepted.”



Diamonte Jets, Comments from CEO Rohan Mark Jayawardene





“It initially stemmed from necessity but it was also to give ourselves an innovative edge. Private aviation is an industry which really involves large payments, from all over the world and most importantly, in a time efficient manner. We really started to hear about cryptocurrencies towards the end of 2017 and gradually there were clients asking if they could pay in BTC to which we were quick to decline as we didn’t know enough and the sheer volatility of the currency was uninviting.”

“Eventually however we realised we were losing out on a certain slice of the market and even some of our existing clients were making the transition from credit card to bitcoin as their payment choice of preference. Alas in 2019 we took the step to accept BTC.”

“The first year it was a handful of clients who completed payments for flights via BTC but over the last year we’ve seen more utilisation and requests for bitcoin payments and 7% of our bookings are now via crypto currency. For example this week we have a trip from Zurich to New York which will cost £106,000 or 2.58 bitcoin! Today we not only accept BTC but BHC (Bitcoin Cash) , ETH (Ethereum), DOGE (Dogecoin) and XRP (Ripple).”

“The average flight value for crypto travellers is slightly higher too with most travellers based in Europe or the US and using larger aircraft.”

“An even higher percent of our newest members are now paying in bitcoin too, with almost 1 in 5 of those purchasing our Privé membership this year doing so in cryptocurrency. As of now, our membership program is currently at a value of 0.23-0.24 bitcoin! We have a large pool of clients in the YHNWI (Young High Net Worth Individual) sector so I guess it is the future of finance and in turn will be for business aviation.”

“It’s mutually beneficial for us and client alike too with ultra low transaction fees and very fast processing times. We’re also able to process and function payments 24/7, so out outside of typical banking hours and move a hundred, or two hundred thousand dollars inside of an hour.”

“Payments are also possible on the go and/or from mobile phones so again for last minute flights it can be a very useful solution.”, Comments from CEO and Founder Jason Wilkes



“Cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular all over the world with companies such as Tesla accepting Bitcoin for products.”

“ is the UK’s most progressive number plate reseller, recently becoming the first number plate reseller to accept cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin and Ethuriam. We are currently doing this for investment number plates valued over £2,000.”

“During the pandemic, more and more people are adopting a broad church of investment portfolios with gold, cyptocurrency and investment plates all being part of the mix. So, cyptocurrency and number plates go together like a hand in glove.”

“In the future we hope to be able to accept all of the cryptos available in the well-known Coinbase portfolio and maybe for less valuable plates.”

“The price of bitcoin has been gradually rising this year and news of Tesla’s investment sent the price soaring to over $50,000 dollars. The demand has been increasing from both institutional and retail buyers and this latest surge is likely to encourage more corporations to begin accepting cryptocurrencies.”

“Digital currencies have been met with scepticism and suspicion in the past because of their volatile nature and the risk of online fraud and money laundering. But, as the currencies become more regulated and widely accepted, the number of companies prepared to invest in bitcoin will only grow. Analysts have said that the recent price boost for bitcoin shows that it is more than just a fad and we will see a growth in digital currency and blockchain.”

“ is looking to the future by offering our customers even more flexibility with our variety of payment options. Payments can be made very quickly and easily. At the moment we are using QR codes which direct immediately to our account, it works perfectly!”

“We are proud to be leading our industry in this way. If you’re looking to invest in personalised number plates, has a database of almost 60 million numbers available.”

“With our flexible payment options, now particularly including Bitcoin, your transaction couldn’t be easier.” 


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BitcoinPoint, Comments from CEO Benoit Marzouk 





“We went through the “crypto winter”, which lasted for around 2 years after the price of Bitcoin crashed in early 2018, pretty well with our niche service to buy and sell bitcoin at agents. However, the demand to accept Bitcoin as a payment for retailers was simply not there yet even in a city like London, with a very high rate of Bitcoin holders”.

“But for the last 4 months, the narrative around Bitcoin has progressed significantly and while the last decade was more about experimentation and speculation this decade will see proper use cases like money transfer and Bitcoin payment:”

“It may take another 5 years, until the ‘Bitcoin native generation’ – who have grown up with an understanding and awareness of Bitcoin – become young adults themselves, with a desire to use Bitcoin as their preferred currency, rather than viewing it as some kind of digital gold.”


Alternative Airlines, Comments from CEO Sam Argyle





“At Alternative Airlines, we believe Bitcoin will play an important role in the future of commerce, with the number of people using it growing rapidly each year.”

“When we first started accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a payment method in 2019, there weren’t too many other companies that accepted it, and, virtually no other companies were accepting it as a way to pay for flights.”

“When someone buys a flight, how they pay can be just as important to them as what they pay. One of our missions is to allow people to pay for their flights in the way that that’s most convenient to them, no matter where they are in the world. Whether that’s by providing a local payment method, a financing option or even a cryptocurrency. Naturally, as the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin fit right into that. It’s a borderless way to pay, with a huge number of people that love using it and not many places for them to spend it at.”

“We take our Bitcoin payments through our payment partners, Utrust and, which also allows us to take Bitcoin and Altcoin payments, including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Ripple (XRP), Digibyte (DGB), Tether (USDT), UTK and CRO. This gives anyone that uses digital currency a way to book flights on any of the 600+ airlines available on our website.”

“We’ve found that people like using Bitcoin because its autonomous and transactions are very secure and cost-effective, with fewer restrictions and no interruptions from third parties such as banks.”

“We fully support the growth of Bitcoin and have a goal to become the number one place for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users to buy flights with.”


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