Reasons to Include Bitcoin in Your Investment Portfolio

Investment may be your forte, just like most of us. You may have already invested in conventional assets like bonds or stock. That is good. However, you can expand and diversify your investment portfolio with new and emerging assets like Bitcoin. Many people are reaping a lot from investing in Bitcoin. A good starting point is Bitcoin trading, and you can find help with Bitcoin Revolution platform.

Understand Bitcoin

Before I give reasons for adding Bitcoin to your investment portfolio, let me first explain some basics about this emerging asset. Bitcoin is a virtual or digital currency and asset that Satoshi Nakamoto introduced in 2009 as a cure for unsuitable investments involving third parties. With Bitcoin, there is no central authority or control and no third party like a bank.

Today, Bitcoin has over 100 million users globally and serves numerous purposes as a currency and asset. You can buy and sell using Bitcoin, a digital currency with growing acceptance. More importantly, you can invest with Bitcoin.

Top Reasons to Add Bitcoin to Your Investment Portfolio

There are multiple reasons to include Bitcoin in your current investment portfolio. However,
this article will identify four among the top.

It Is Easy To Start

One of the best reasons to add Bitcoin to your investment portfolio is that it is easy to start. Unlike your typical assets like stocks and bonds that may require papers, understanding of the markets, and following bureaucratic processes, Bitcoin is straightforward. With some basic knowledge of how it works, you only need an internet connection and open a Bitcoin wallet.  However, even with little or no understanding of Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading, you can find help from numerous existing apps specifically designed for that purpose. You can free register on the Crypto Revolution and start trading in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Is A Unique Asset Category

You should also add Bitcoin to your investment portfolio because it is a unique asset. First, it is a decentralized digital asset. And this means no central government or single entity controls or regulates it. You can invest as much as you want and whatever you wish with Bitcoin because there are no limitations.

Second, Bitcoin is more convenient as an investment asset, unlike gold. While you will incur the cost of keeping and transferring your typical assets, you will incur almost no cost in storing or transferring Bitcoin. And this enhances the investment returns of Bitcoin as the costs or fees are negligible.

Bitcoin is Here To Stay

Bitcoin is here to stay and hence another reason to add to your investment portfolio. While some skeptics may have doubted the future or sustainability of Bitcoin at first, it has grown significantly. Today, it is the leading crypto with over 100 million users, and the users are still growing.

From an investment perspective, this is good because it guarantees that investing in Bitcoin will be sustainable. You are not going to lose your investment in the foreseeable future.

Instead, going by recent trends, your investment is likely to continue growing.

Higher Returns of Bitcoin

Bitcoin tends to have higher returns than your traditional assets. While Bitcoin is highly volatile, with the possibility of its value falling drastically, the trend has shown that it has outperformed gold, stock, and bonds. In 2019, for example, Bitcoin recorded a return of 93%.

And this was way higher than gold at 18% and the S&P 500 at 29%.

It means that if you add Bitcoin to your investment portfolio, you will likely realize significant return growth. Even when the digital asset suffers some downturns, they are not substantial.

If you are still contemplating adding Bitcoin to your investment portfolio, now you have some solid reasons to go ahead with your plan. Don’t listen to the skeptics.


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