Regulated ETFs could save crypto from crashing

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are widely considered low-risk because they are affordable and diversified as they hold a basket of securities or stocks. Their expense ratios are far lower than those of actively managed funds. You can reinvest dividends immediately, and ETFs are more tax-efficient. 

Some believe that regulated ETFs can save crypto from crashing in future, provided that top etf trading platforms remain regulated and safe.


Advantages of ETFs

A single ETF can provide exposure to a group of styles, market niches, or equities. It can track a wider variety of stocks or even imitate the returns of one or more countries. ETFs also have the trading liquidity of equity. They can be bought on margin and shorted, traded at a consistently updated price, etc. Finally, this asset class comes with lower risk because you can trade options and futures like stocks.  



ETF trading platforms are safer than unregulated exchanges

Platforms offering ETFs are safer than unregulated crypto exchanges. It’s important to choose safe, licensed, and regulated brokers. Once you find a reliable one, it rarely takes more than a few minutes to open an account.

The next step is to fund your account. Then, you buy ETFs using their ticker, not unlike the way you’d purchase stocks. You can place an order on the online trading platform or your broker’s website with the ETF’s ticker, how many shares you want to buy, and the order type.




Best ETF brokers

Three of the best ETF brokers are eToro,, and Pepperstone. eToro is best known for forex, crypto, stocks, and commodities, but it has a wide variety of ETFs too. It currently has more than 250 popular ETFs, including some of the biggest in the world.

Those who are new to ETFs will appreciate’s intuitiveness. This broker is also well-known and offers a variety of assets like forex, stocks, and crypto. You have hundreds of ETFs to choose from here. You can search based on specific criteria such as industry, sector, or region.

Pepperstone is a great choice to buy ETFs on if you’re looking for a mobile platform. It makes investing on the go a piece of cake. Users have four mobile apps to choose from: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader5, cTrader, and TradingView. ETF investors of all experience levels will find a reliable option here. All of the apps feature the technical tools needed for trading.


What to look for in a broker

You should consider a range of factors when selecting platforms, of which security should be your top priority. Other factors include making a deposit, opening an account, searching for an ETF, withdrawing funds, and the process of trading ETFs. Do research to compare platforms and read trustworthy reviews of actual users.


What do the experts say? 

Finance experts concur that ETFs have many advantages. Here’s how an expert at Invezz summed up the subject:

ETFs have been the most disruptive invention in the asset management industry in more than two decades. They are definitely worth investing in, but make sure you choose a broker who will keep your personal and financial information and your funds safe and secure.