Why Bitcoin May Be A Good Option

Bitcoin has had a volatile market since its introduction. Some people have become millionaires after trading or investing in this virtual asset. For this reason, many investors are looking for opportunities to own it. However, some individual and retail investors are unsure whether they should invest in Bitcoin long-term.

Although the world has many digital currencies, Bitcoin remains the most recognised cryptocurrency. What’s more, it has remained stable than the other electronic currencies over the years. Today, many people trade Bitcoin on platforms like bitcoinsup.org. These crypto exchanges allow people to purchase and sell this digital asset for profits. However, some people have made Bitcoin an asset they can invest in on a long-term basis. Here’s why you should also consider Bitcoin as a long-term investment.

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Acceptance and Adoption

Bitcoin is a new payment method. That means it has the potential to grow through acceptance and adoption. Today, several institutions in and outside the financial sector now take Bitcoin payment. Some have even integrated Bitcoin into their investment portfolios. In some cases, companies are using Bitcoin for purposes of financial reserve diversification.

The increasing acceptance and adoption of this virtual currency make it a worthwhile long-term investment. Although a Bitcoin investment is subject to different market risks, it also has the potential for long-term gains. And that’s the case for most financial instruments. Therefore, investors should include this digital asset in their portfolio cautiously.

Bitcoin’s Limited Supply

This virtual currency can’t have more than 21 million tokens circulating in the world at any time. That means the world will have limited Bitcoins, thereby increasing their demand and value. What’s more, the Bitcoin network cuts the supply by half every four years. Although other cryptocurrencies follow the same supply schedule, Bitcoin has a higher value proposition because it allows users to invest low amounts and get considerable returns in the long term.

Bitcoin’s limited supply enables this virtual currency to continue being scarce, thereby creating the potential for investors to make significant profits. Bitcoin’s volatility means investors can diversify portfolios to include several assets. Thus, an investor can minimise risk by investing in other assets with Bitcoin as a long-term investment.


Decentralisation means Bitcoin doesn’t have a central authority controlling or regulating it. And this is among the traits that differentiate Bitcoin from other financial instruments and fiat currencies. Investing in this virtual currency allows you greater control over your money.

Since no entity or government can regulate Bitcoin, an investor decides when and where to invest. They also determine the duration of their investments and the amount to put in them. Bitcoin’s decentralisation enables an investor to make convenient long-term investment decisions based on their financial goals.

Transaction Costs

Bitcoin transaction fees also make it a long-term investment candidate. High transaction charges can negatively affect the long-term gains of an investor because they reduce their profits. Transacting with Bitcoin attracts lower costs compared to fiat currencies.

Besides the standard charges for transfers, investors do not incur multiple deductions for their Bitcoin holdings. Thus, investing in Bitcoin lets you avoid the numerous fees and deductions that financial institutions like banks impose on their clients. Also, you don’t pay maintenance fees for your Bitcoin accounts. Most crypto marketplaces tell the users the cost of transactions beforehand to enhance transparency.

Thus, you can hold your Bitcoin investments on a platform for the long-term without paying extra. And the low transaction fees mean higher returns from your long-term investment.

Every investment has its risks. While investing long-term in Bitcoin could be worthwhile, you will also face ups and downs. Therefore, don’t rush to spend all your savings on a Bitcoin investment. Instead, take the time to research the market to determine whether Bitcoin is an excellent long-term investment for you.