18. comforte AG


Company: comforte AG

Founder(s): CEO Michael Deissner

Website: https://www.comforte.com/


About comforte AG

comforte AG was founded in 1998 by the creators of a connectivity solution for mission-critical systems. A logical next step for comforte was not only to connect systems but also to make sure that communication is always done in a secure fashion. Organisations around the globe are running their ATM and Point-of-Sale networks securely, thanks to comforte.

As our experience with securing data in motion increased, we decided to extend our technology to securing data at rest as well. Finally, after deploying our solutions at many organisations worldwide over the years, we took our portfolio one step further. We created a data security platform that seamlessly integrates into the most modern cloud-native environments as well as traditional core systems.

Building on more than 20 years of experience in unlocking more value from systems that never stop, comforte has evolved into a market leader for data security and cloud-native tokenisation. We now proudly serve over 500 enterprise customers across the globe. Michael Deissner is currently working as the CEO at comforte AG.