5. Code42


Company: Code42

Founder(s): Brian Bispala, Matthew Dornquast &  Mitch Coopet

Website: https://www.code42.com/


About Code42

Code42 is a cybersecurity company founded by Brian Bispala, Matthew Dornquast, and Mitch Coopet aiming to provide security for the collaboration culture. It’s services are built based on insider risk detection and response for enterprises. Code42 boasts an Incydr SaaS solution which assists organisations in reducing time taken to detect and respond to insider risks to data. Activity is tracked across endpoints, the cloud and surface as well as email, prioritising file exposure and exfiltration events which could pose potential risks. In this manner, Code42 demonstrates an easy yet quick deployment and simple policy management.

Founded in 2001, the company currently has over 500 employees and 50,000 customers. It has also received Black Unicorn designation on two separate occasions, meaning the business has the potential to reach $1billion market value. It has also received over 25 industry awards for progressive workplace and product since 2019, with the risk of sensitive data increasing since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020.

Code42 is now focusing on Incydr, it’s newest launch, in order to guard intellectual property, trade secrets and source code.