6. Cerberus Sentinel

Company: Cerberus Sentinel

Founder(s): David Jemmett

Website: https://www.cerberussentinel.com/


About Cerberus Sentinel

Cerberus Sentinel is a publicly traded company listed with ticker CISO. They are a nationwide provider of cybersecurity consulting and managed services, with offices and resources all across the US. They specialize in building a security-centric culture for our clients using an education-based approach. To support the ever expanding list of needs from their clients, they focus on acquiring top cybersecurity talent who specialise in key areas that compliment the services offered.

David Jemmett is the founder of Cerberus Sentinel. As a leader in the industry, David has more than 30 years of executive management and technology experience with telecommunications, managed services, and consulting services. He has specialised expertise in healthcare, HIPAA, and governmental regulations, and has been intimately involved in designing, building, re-vamping, and/or managing networks and data centres worldwide.

David has spoken before both the U.S. Congress and Senate Subcommittees on Telecommunications and Internet Security, and he has shared his expertise on broadband networking technologies as guest speaker on CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and CSPAN.