28. Arkose Labs

Company: Arkose Labs

Founder(s): Kevin Gosschalk

Website: https://www.arkoselabs.com


About Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs was founded in 2017 by Kevin Gosschalk who recognized an opportunity to disrupt fraudsters by sabotaging their economic model and make it more costly to commit their attacks.  The organisation has been hailed by customers as a user-friendly solution to an ever-evolving fraud landscape. Founded in Brisbane Australia, Arkose Labs is now headquartered in San Francisco California. It is backed by Microsoft, PayPal, and SoftBank Venture Fund 2*, and in early 2021 it was named by Cyber Defense Magazine as a “Hot Company in Fraud Prevention”, a Fast Company 2021 “Best World Changing Idea in North America” honoree and was named by CNBC in their list of the top 100 start-ups to watch.

Arkose Labs developed a platform that combines risk-based decisioning with adaptive friction. The platform assesses the risk of all digital traffic in real time using deep device, network and behaviour intelligence. This risk classification informs the platform of any secondary screening that is required for suspicious traffic, while good users can pass through seamlessly. Bots are met with anti-automation challenges which are tested against the most advanced machine learning tactics to ensure they cannot be solved at scale. Malicious humans are presented with challenges that are increasingly time-consuming to solve to frustrate their attempts to attack at scale.

Their approach is designed to provide robust protection, while preserving the online experience for legitimate consumers. The vast majority of good users will never see a challenge. In the event they do, challenges are simple to solve and provide an option to self-remediate, rather than blocking suspicious activity, or damaging user experience with difficult challenges.

This combats large-scale fraud and abuse attacks by causing bots to fail driving up the costs of attacking for fraudsters and compelling them to abandon attacks and move on to softer targets.