27. Akamai

Company: Akamai Technologies

Founder(s): Daniel Lewin, F. Thomson Leighton, Randall Kaplan, Preetish Nijhawan & Jonathan Seelig

Website: https://www.akamai.com/


About Akamai

Akamai Technologies was founded in 1998 by Daniel Lewin, F. Thomson Leighton, Randall Kaplan, Preetish Nijhawan and Jonathan Seelig and is headquartered in Cambridge. The company focuses on cybersecurity alongside clouded service and content delivery.

Akamai has it’s own Intelligent Edge Platform specialising in distributed computing and operating a large network of servers worldwide. Capacity is rented to customers who need to increase the rate their websites work at through distribution of content from locations close to the user. Once users navigate to the URL of an Akamai customer, Akamai’s domain name system directs them to a proximal edge server to provide the requested content.

Akamai also enables quicker and more reliable web downloads using complex algorithms such as consistent hashing and stable matching, whilst also implementing DDos mitigation and alternative security services through its own served edge platform.

Furthermore, Akamai provides specific content from other end-users computers through peer-to-peer networking, whilst the Network Operations Command Centre can be utilised for proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of all Akamai servers worldwide. Real time statistics can be delivered through web traffic with the metrics updating automatically, providing insights into the Internet traffic conditions across servers and customer websites provided by Akamai.