26. Lockdown Cyber Security

lockdown cyber security

Company: Lockdown Cyber Security

Founder(s): William Taaffe & Karen Morrall

Website: https://lockdowncybersecurity.co.uk/


About Lockdown Cyber Security

Lockdown Cyber Security was born during the COVID 19 pandemic. The Co-Founders saw a gap in the market to educate and demystify Cyber Security for finance professionals and board executives. This approach was taken for two reasons; the acceptance that Cyber Security is not just an IT issue but a critical business risk, and to help better educate business leaders on their risk profile, whilst enabling their security spend to be made from an informed decision.

With over 80% of successful attacks and breaches the result of human error or manipulation, Lockdown specialise in people risk solutions. Lockdown believes that the most effective way to educate organisations on this risk is to layer different training solutions across an organisation.

Lockdown have globally sourced their solutions, aligning with recognised best of breed partners to provide, ‘All Staff training (available in 40 languages)’, ‘Executive and C-Suite Videos’ and ‘CISO Technical training’. Lockdown believe that training should be continuous, engaging, and entertaining, whilst unplanned simulations are key to building resilience.

During their first year of trading, Lockdown are now working in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales (ICAEW) a 158,000 strong membership and preeminent professional body for accountants.

Lockdown have developed their own bespoke classroom training program, specifically for Finance Professionals and Business Leaders. As fraud is now 90% Cyber enabled, Lockdown have invited PKF head of fraud, Robert Brooker, as a guest speaker and course contributor. Working in partnership with the ICAEW, Lockdown will be launching their first classroom cohort in September.

With no solution to Cybercrime, they also recognise the importance of Cyber Insurance and so have partnered with a well-recognised Insurance broker to help businesses better understand Cyber Insurance.

They are building a first of its kind Cyber technology platform, due to launch in 2022.