25. Utimaco

Company: Utimaco

Founder(s): CEO Stefan Auerbach

Website: https://www.utimaco.com


About Utimaco

Since 1983, Utimaco has been building, supplying and supporting Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), providing
the ‘Root of Trust’ in cybersecurity for companies in 80 countries and more than 1,000 installations.
A HSM is a physical device that secures the cryptographic keys and digital identities that organisations from
banks to governments to next-generation connected automobiles need. HSMs form the very highest level of
security for the most demanding applications, and in a global ecosystem where cybersecurity threats are rising
dramatically, they are extremely important.

Being at the forefront of technology is one of Utimaco’s core principles. The company is a leader in cloud-based
‘HSM as a service’, which opens up high-level security to even more businesses, as well as post-quantum
cryptography, which future-proofs companies against quantum code-breaking techniques that are years from
being developed. Utimaco is also a leader in random number generation – a cornerstone of rock-solid

Far from only selling hardware, the company also offers a wealth of consultancy, support and training services to
bring companies up to speed and train the much-needed next generation of security professionals. The company
has offices in Germany, the US, UK, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Singapore and work globally through a network of
partners, ensuring that companies across the world can protect their assets against intrusion.
Utimaco has grown dramatically over the past three years, acquiring five additional companies and growing its
userbase considerably. With the current threat environment being larger and more sophisticated than ever, more
companies are going to need the very highest levels of security to form the ‘Root of Trust’ that powers the world’s
most vital internet services. Utimaco delivers this to the highest standard to create trust in the digital society.