43. Bionic


Company: Bionic

Founder(s): Idan Ninyo

Website: www.bionic.ai


About Bionic

Bionic gives enterprise teams deep application intelligence to control the chaos in their production environments, without slowing development. The company’s agentless solution offers an automated discovery of all applications and their dataflows, with the ability to continuously ensure secure, compliant and resilient architecture.

Bionic empowers teams to manage, operate and protect applications more efficiently than ever before, doing in minutes what previously could not be done in months. The solution works across all environments, from on-premises monolithic applications to hosted cloud-native microservices, is completely automated, and deploys within minutes, even in the largest enterprises.

In an application-driven landscape, Bionic empowers IT and security teams so they can control the chaos created by the onslaught of new and updated applications that are pushed to production every day.