44. Clear Skye

Company: Clear Skye

Founder(s): John Milburn

Website: www.clearskye.com


About Clear Skye

Clear Skye, an Identity Access and Management (IAM) software company, has reimagined enterprise identity access and risk management software to make a complicated problem easier to manage. Clear Skye — a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity-First Security – believes that simplification results from the convergence of disparate systems, processes and user experiences.

The digital transformation of today’s enterprises means that it’s never been easier for knowledge workers to log on, log in, and get things done. That’s great for productivity and the bottom line, but it’s a challenge for the identity governance and administration (IGA) teams tasked with managing compliance, controlling employee access, and monitoring individual and enterprise-wide threats.

Clear Skye’s IGA software transforms security teams’ digital environments by aligning identity management with critical functions such as ITSM, CMBD, GRC and security into a centralized location without requiring the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) or custom coding. Built on ServiceNow’s Now Platform, Clear Skye is a spoke written right into the ServiceNow workflow and removes the need for a costly standalone IGA solution in favor of leveraging an existing platform, making deployment, adoption and integration of its solutions quick and painless.

Clear Skye has experienced 300% customer growth across healthcare, life science, manufacturing, and financial services verticals in the first half of 2021 largely contributed to remote and hybrid working environments and cloud adoption continuing to accelerate in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this comes an increasing pressure to properly manage access and privileges within an organization.