50. Zero Networks

Zero Networks

Company: Zero Networks

Founder(s): Benny Lakunishok

Website: https://zeronetworks.com/


About Zero Networks

Zero Networks is an identity-based segmentation solution that prevents attacks from spreading and causing damage by automatically restricting network access to only what users and machines need.

When a compromise occurs, attackers are “boxed in”, unable to move around the network and compromise additional hosts: in the light of the continuous increase in attacks’ sophistication and frequency, Zero Networks can effectively help to prevent and act as the last defense when other security controls fail.

Zero Networks Access Orchestrator overcomes the limitation and the complexity of managing network access manually: its self-service/two-step verification process ensures only legitimate access is allowed, and nothing more. Patented Machine Learning technology and Self-service capabilities can be applied to client to server access (north <-> south) and server to server (east <-> west) to efficiently scale in complex hybrid IT environment.

Engineered with the aim of ensuring easy integration with existing IT infrastructure, Zero Networks reduces end-users’ friction at minimum guaranteeing that typical network usage patterns remain unaffected but at the same time greatly reducing network exposure thanks to the enforcement of Lest Privilege Networking principle.

The company has received very positive analysts’ feedbacks (notably, receiving the Gartner Cool Vendor award, which is the most valuable award a startup company can receive) and customers’ acceptance in different industries across the globe.