49. secunet

Company: secunet

Founder(s): CEO Rainer Baumgart

Website: https://www.secunet.com/en/


About secunet

secunet is a solution for edge computing enabling digital transformation through a secure platform. Secunet edge has created one industry solution which is able to combine three product categories which usually remain separate.

The solution boasts an IloT gateway, connecting machines with cloud platforms for Industry 4.0 scenarios. The edge computing platform is on industrial grade hardware and the platform also has a firewall with network monitoring. The firewall also has AI-based anomaly and threat detection to ensure the security of production assets and legacy machines.

There are multiple applications across the platform with the flexible environment able to cover multiple use cases through the organisation-wide platform and one physical appliance.

secunet’s solution can also be used in a wide variety of fields, from border control and police authorities to the healthcare sector, ensuring companies can comply with high security standards throughout digitalisation projects.

secunet pride themselves on their intelligent products alongside specialised consulting to enable convenience and security on a daily basis.

In addition to this, secunet provides the armed forces with comprehensive IT and security solutions and their technologies aim to protect digital transformation from any potential cyber attacks.