48. Darkbeam


Company: Darkbeam

Founder(s): Justin Leary and Steve Tyrens

Website: https://www.darkbeam.com/


About Darkbeam

Darkbeam is a cybersecurity startup company specialising in third-party digital risk management, allowing businesses to be alerted to any potential changes in the digital ecosystem quickly. Founded by Justin Leary and Steve Tyrens, the company is headquartered in London.

Businesses are able to upload entire supply chains to their account registered with Darkbeam quickly, just by entering domain names. Darkbeam is then able to generate complex reports in under 10 seconds, using the domain to identify issues such as data breaches, stolen credentials and potential vulnerabilities alongside threats from the dark and surface web.

Darkbeam also provides real-time alerts for digital risks, with instant notifications allowing customers to take quick action against any changes to the risk profile. Darkbeam’s software is built on a proprietary persistent crawler, with workflows generating rapid results. The software is also available as a SaaS platform or API, analysing risks on unlimited supply chain companies while monitoring and measuring changes.

The platform is agile and non-invasive with solutions which do not require complex or extended implementations, able to be accessed through a browser.