47. Endace


Company: Endace

Founder(s): Started as a New Zealand University project

Website: www.endace.com


About Endace

Endace specialises in high-speed, scalable packet capture for cybersecurity, network and application performance. The open, EndaceProbe Analytics Platform lets customers record a 100% accurate history of activity on their network and can host network security and performance monitoring tools that need to analyse real-time or historical traffic.

Continuous, 100% accurate packet capture provides definitive evidence that SecOps and NetOps teams need to quickly investigate and resolve security threats. Customers can consolidate hardware-based security analytics solutions onto a single, common hardware platform, deploying their choice of best-of-breed tools quickly and cost-effectively by hosting 3rd-party commercial and open source security solutions on the EndaceProbe.

EndaceProbes are the industry’s only open packet capture platform, combining high-speed network recording with the ability to host and integrate with performance analytics and network security applications from Endace’s world-leading Fusion Partner network.

These partners include Cisco, Darktrace, Dynatrace, IBM Security, Palo Alto Networks, and Splunk, and the Fusion Partner program continues to attract leading security and performance monitoring vendors. Solutions that can be hosted on, or integrated with, the EndaceProbe platform include SIEMs, network/application performance monitoring, intrusion detection, next generation firewalls, threat detection, AI/ML-based security, as well as open-source or custom-developed analytics solutions.

For more information see www.endace.com or follow Endace on Twitter and LinkedIn.