1. Quizlet

Company: Quizlet

Website: https://quizlet.com/en-gb

Founder(s): Andrew Sutherland


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About Quizlet


Quizlet was founded in 2005 by Andrew Sutherland, while a sophomore studying French at Albany High School in California. Since then, the platform has grown into an interactive learning platform and app, used by over 60 million people around the world. Accessible via the web and mobile apps on both iOS and Android, Quizlet provides a variety of study activities and games to effectively prepare students for exams, assessments and any other subject matter they want to learn with confidence.

From flashcards and practice questions to interactive diagrams and games, Quizlet combines cognitive science with AI and machine learning to intelligently guide students through adaptive study activities. Quizlet is free to use and offers users more than 500 million user-generated study sets, on pretty much every topic and subject imaginable, as well as built-in quizzes, games, while the integrated AI tools test learners where they are struggling most and ease off where they succeed to mimic the teaching style of a personal tutor. Additionally, Quizlet’s recent integration with social media platform, TikTok, allows creators in the education space – including teachers and subject matter experts – to link Quizlet study sets directly to their videos for interactive learning that’s fun and engaging for viewers making online education more accessible and fun than ever.

Throughout the pandemic, Quizlet has worked harder than ever to make sure students have all the resources they need. Quizlet’s recently launched GCSE Resource Centre offers users a new and completely free, comprehensive online bank of revision resources based on exam board specifications consisting of 10,000 study sets across 24 key GCSE subject categories. Built onto the Quizlet platform, the resource centre allows students to immediately start learning across Quizlet’s revision activities including ready-made flashcards, quizzes, and games. Finally, students can also access teachers’ learning sets so as not to fall behind, make their own revision flashcards, or access pre-existing materials.