2. GoGuardian

Company: GoGuardian

Website: https://www.goguardian.com/

Founder(s): Advait Shinde, R. Todd Mackey & Aza Steel


go guardian


About GoGuardian


GoGuardian is on a mission to supercharge human potential by creating the ultimate learning platform. Through their GoGuardian Suite of classroom management and student safety solutions, Pear Deck student engagement platform, and Edulastic technology-enhanced student assessments, they help thousands of K-12 schools and districts maximise the learning potential of every student by enabling more productive, effective, and safer digital learning.


GoGuardian Suite, the company’s flagship offering, includes:

  • GoGuardian Admin: Monitor, manage, and filter any school device on your network.
  • GoGuardian Teacher: Classroom management software that helps eliminate distractions and connect with students.
  • GoGuardian Parent App: Give parents direct access to online activity reports and filtering controls.
  • GoGuardian Fleet: Track, assign, and report on your district’s Chromebooks.
  • GoGuardian DNS: Keep users safe on all devices with DNS filtering built specifically for education.
  • GoGuardian Beacon: Identify students who are silently suffering, alert those who can help, and quickly activate your school’s custom response plan.


In addition, GoGuardian offers Pear Deck to help teachers deliver powerful learning moments to every student, every day. Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to connect with learners of every age and ability by adding instructionally effective formative assessments and interactive questions to presentations right within Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint Online. Students join the teacher’s lesson on their own device and individually respond to prompts, giving every student a voice. Meanwhile, teachers see the responses in real time, allowing them to change course in the moment, if needed, and facilitate better student outcomes through active engagement, deeper learning, and supporting the whole child.

GoGuardian’s platform now also includes Edulastic, the next-generation online assessment platform for K-12 teachers and administrators. Edulastic allows teachers to easily administer district common or classroom formative assessments leveraging more than 110,000 standards-aligned questions from trusted sources. Assessments can be auto-scored for instant data to individualise instruction, and teachers are able to measure progress over time to determine what assessments and remediations were most effective in driving student outcomes.

The complete GoGuardian learning platform is one of the most widely used educational technology ecosystems in the United States, reaching one out of three K-12 students. The platform serves more than 20 million students at over 14,000 schools nationwide.