14. Learned.Live

Company: Learned.Live

Website: https://learned.live/

Founder(s): Johnathan Reynolds




About Learned.Live


Learned.Live is the UK’s first live and interactive learning platform. Alongside CEO of Learned.Live Johnathan, Learned.Live is home to a wide variety of teachers who teach courses in all things weird, wonderful and essential – from magic and bubbleology to rock-climbing and dance. Where else can you learn how to scuba dive from the comfort of your own sofa?

Johnathan Reynolds began his career at the tender age of 16, working all sorts of jobs where he picked up many valuable skills. Travelling all over the world as a circus entertainer, Johnathan has had the pleasure of performing for thousands of people including international celebrities and royalty.

After gaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, he went on to start three highly successful businesses which inspired him to create EdTech disruptor e-learning platform Learned.Live.


CEO of Learned.Live, Johnathan Reynolds, said:

“Lockdown forced me to rethink my business and seek a new way to share my skills, without any events or live entertainment gigs taking place. Having run business, magic and bubble classes online during the last lockdown, and having learned so much myself online, it quickly became apparent that there wasn’t a single website offering lots of new skills and knowledge in a live and social setting. Hence, Learned.Live was born.”

He added:

“With so many skilled people looking for new ways to earn a living, and the need to stay connected to others, it seemed the perfect time for a platform to help others monetise their skills in a live and interactive environment.”


Learned.Live gives teachers control over the cost and frequency of their classes. The platform’s 36% commission charge covers all marketing, set-up and administration costs. Learned.live is based in Brighton, East Sussex.

“We are delighted to announce our Founders have been shortlisted for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2021.”