16. KUATO Studios

Company: KUATO Studios

Website: https://kuatostudios.com/

Founder(s): Mark Horneff is MD


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Edtech gaming company Kuato Studios is dedicated to blending gameplay and embedded learning to help transform children’s development. From own-branded games, Kuato has secured several partnerships, creating titles for Disney, Marvel, Dreamworks and ITV etc. Approaching a decade of operation, the team has had 14 releases and has reached No.1 on over 500 App Store charts worldwide.

Children’s reading engagement has steadily fallen over the past four years, which the pandemic exacerbated. Kuato’s mission is to motivate children to experiment and play with language, addressing the decline of reading engagement head-on.

Both Kuato’s award-winning games, Marvel Hero Tales and Disney Story Realms, have been invaluable resources for home-schooling parents as the familiar characters offered a springboard into imaginative storytelling, helping encourage reading interest while developing kids’ vocabulary. This year, Kuato launched Disney Story Realms in Spanish, French, Italian and German so children across Europe can experience learning through storytelling in their native language.

Kuato has remained agile and innovative, which was reflected when it launched a well-being app for children in just two weeks during the first lockdown in March 2020. Well-Beings: Wellness for Kids asks children to respond to simple questions about their emotions, suggesting motivational activities based on the responses. Over 100 motivational tasks, from physical to creative, were developed in consultation with Dr Amanda Gummer’s Good Play Guide to help children become more aware and present.

Managing Director, Mark Horneff, will speak on the panel at London Tech Week’s Future EdTech Summit on the importance of individualised learning, bringing his two decades worth of industry experience to discuss how teachers and parents can boost levels of engagement and motivation of children in learning.