21. Habitat Learn

Habitat Learn Daniel Goerz and Jeremy Brassington

Company: Habitat Learn

Website: https://www.habitatlearn.com/

Founder(s): Daniel Goerz & Jeremy Brassington


Habitat Learn


About Habitat Learn


Habitat Learn strives for a world of digital learning that is both inclusive and immersive, where everybody fits in. It was created and made vivid by pushing tech to its limits.

Habitat Learn is an ecosystem of accessible products and services created to remove the barriers to learning through human-centred design. Following a recent rebrand from Note Taking Express, they have extended their product offering to give higher education institutions an easy-to-implement, cohesive option when it comes to solving accessibility and equity issues in higher education.


Habitat Learn Aims To Provide:

  • Accessibility – They are committed to providing an enriched experience for the whole learning community that overcomes all barriers.
  • Empathy – Habitat Learn was designed with lecturers’ and learners’ needs at heart.
  • Education – They aim to help learning establishments and lecturers improve education and help students of all needs and backgrounds improve themselves.
  • Enablement – Their products will always be affordable and designed to enhance the show, not steal the spotlight.
  • Service – They don’t just build tech, they build relationships.
  • Innovation – They are always looking for new ways to help learning establishments and lecturers deliver better outcomes for students.

The new range of products features: note-taking services, AI captioning perfected by people, video conferencing and specialty cameras to capture and distribute in-person classes online. The idea behind the products was to design following the principles of Universal Design and was envisioned by CEO Daniel Goerz, whose previous work within disability services in higher education has given him first-hand experience of the failings of current accommodations. The products work independently as well as together to create truly inclusive classrooms.

Education is the fundamental building block of a fairer society. As such, making education available to more people – through an unflinching enthusiasm for creating simple, user-first solutions that empower all – is not just their work, but also their reward.