22. CareerEar

Company: CareerEar

Website: https://www.careerear.co.uk/

Founder(s): Claudine Adeyemi & Precious Ene


About CareerEar


CareerEar started as a Q&A app for young people to get career insights from adults. This feature is still present today, but there is much more to it now. The co-founders have turned CareerEar into a data-driven, community-powered platform to help 16-35 year olds from underserved communities, without degrees, discover their first or next career.

Claudine’s career began in law and their experience and observations consistently highlighted that individuals who look like them or are from a similar background to them experience barriers preventing them from achieving their potential. CareerEar was (and still is) a solution to the injustice that they saw all around them. Access to career advice, guidance and opportunities should be a right, not a privilege.


They have developed proprietary tools that enable career-seekers and changers to:

  • Discover relevant career options that match their skills;
  • Learn more about their skills, areas for improvement and how transferable they are to the labour market; and
  • Ask questions to people doing the jobs they’re interested in.


They also work with training providers to help our members uncover upskilling opportunities. This means that they can provide employers access to job-ready talent whilst helping them to diversify their workforces and close their skills gaps.

3.1m low-skilled workers are set to be out of work by 2030 if the skills gap is not closed. They’re on a mission to support 1m people from underserved communities by 2027 into training, into employment, and to have career confidence. Claudine is really looking forward to speaking more about this at the Future EdTech event in September with London Tech Week.