23. Igloo Vision

Company: Igloo Vision

Website: https://www.igloovision.com/

Founder(s): Colin Yellowley


Igloo Vision


About Igloo Vision


Igloo Vision is the shared immersive space company suitable for any client, any sector, anywhere.

Based in the UK, with offices in USA, Canada, Australia and Central Europe, Igloo Vision is a global leader in immersive collaboration technology. It designs and delivers immersive spaces that integrate with any digital content and are within the reach of any organisation to be used for a multitude of things.

When it comes to Education, the technology pairs perfectly, enabling schools, colleges and universities all over the world to benefit from immersive learning. Students and teachers can be inspired, engaged and immersed in any kind of content, enhancing their learning experience.

For example, students could take virtual field trips, visualise 3D concept designs, enhance game development, present complex data, view 360° content, run simulations and planning scenarios, create experiments and more.

The technology also integrates with a huge number of applications, allowing students to work with the tools they know and love in a shared immersive space. Art and design students can design using Adobe, architecture students could create models using Matterport, healthcare students could create realistic scenarios using game engines such as Unity or all students could benefit from popular tools such as Microsoft Teams, Trello, Google Drive and more.

Education centres all over the world have found Igloo technology to be invaluable to a wide range of courses. Take The University of Adelaide for example which has used Igloo’s immersive technology to enhance simulation for medical students, or The University of Tromsø which uses it to aid complicated design processes. It can also be used by multiple courses, as seen by Stoke-On-Trent College who are using an immersive space across courses like construction and engineering, gaming and childcare.

The use cases for Igloo Vision technology across education are endless, making it an EdTech company to watch in 2021.