24. Mable Therapy

Company: Mable Therapy

Website: https://mabletherapy.com/

Founder(s): Elliot Agró & Martha Currie


Mable Therapy


About Mable Therapy


Mable Therapy is transforming the way children and young people access therapy by replacing traditional therapy methods with immersive, game-based therapy and technology that makes the process of achieving goals fun and rewarding.

The UK’s leading online speech, language therapy and counselling provider delivers bespoke sessions online, offering flexible and engaging therapy via a custom-designed, game-based platform, with over 50 highly qualified therapists leading the sessions. These specialist clinicians are qualified to deliver bespoke therapeutic interventions to children and young people with mental health and speech, language, and communication needs.

Therapists use purpose-built, creative software called the Mable Canvas to access thousands of activities, creative resources, games, and tools that are seamlessly incorporated into the sessions. This helps them build a rapport with children and young people, encouraging them to create storyboards, comic strips and background scenes, with access to GIFs, emojis and text chat which helps them express how they feel without necessarily using words, removing the formalities of a traditional therapy session.

Mable Canvas also includes a unique video interface called ‘Speech Deck’, where the child and therapist connect using a live video feed and can simultaneously interact with the specially designed activities.

Using interactive activities in therapy stimulates the imagination and allows the child to explore and solve personal and social problems, engage, and learn skills to apply to their real lives.

Through the construction of new stories or recreating well known fairy tales, working in the metaphor enables the child to explore a similar narrative to their experience, from a safe distance. It normalises their experience, making it seem less frightening and less isolating.

The online platform delivery means sessions can take place at home or school depending on the needs of the child or young person. For speech therapy, progress data is captured, with reports accessible via Mable Canvas.