26. Buttercup Learning

buttercup learning

Company: Buttercup Learning

Website: https://buttercuplearning.com/

Founder(s): Rachel Mills


About Buttercup Learning


Buttercup Learning strives to inspire children to live sustainably by helping them develop their connection with nature. 

Buttercup Learning offers multi-sensory, action-packed learning through literacy and conservation books, e-learning, and posters with augmented reality.

They have created augmented reality nature posters (birds, bees, marine life).  As you scan the posters, you reveal additional educational content such as illustrations, videos, animations, and when you click a button, you are taken to their e-learning sites with even more educational content. They also donate a small percentage of the proceeds from the sale of their augmented reality nature posters to conservation trusts.

Buttercup Learning strives to build a regenerative business that considers its environmental and ethical impact at all stages of a product’s life cycle. They are building a truly flexible work culture and have been recognised for their approach to hiring, training, coaching, and work/life balance.

In the current phase of development, they are creating an e-learning portal and a nature-based phonics scheme. A demo version of their first title – Insects’ Alphabet with augmented reality is currently being tested with primary school audiences. The companion online E-Learning portal further tests and consolidates this learning. Their e-learning portal content will uniquely align to UN Sustainability Goals and the recently published UK Outdoor Learning National Curriculum.