27. Nutri Troops

nutri troops

Company: Nutri Troops

Website: http://www.nutritroops.com/

Founder(s): Peter Bakare, GB Volleyball Player


About Nutri Troops


The Nutri Troops were founded by GB Volleyball Player Peter Bakare who represented Team GB at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Peter studied animation at Sheffield Hallam University and went on to write a script for Channel 4’s Skins.

Former Olympian Peter Bakare swapped the volleyball court for the school playground in order to challenge the children of the North East to change their diets and live healthier lives. Peter is speaking at the 2021 Future EdTech/London Tech Week.

Nutri Troops is based on the story of the Olympic mascots and what happens during that four-year cycle between games. It is about the ongoing battle that exists between those characters fighting to promote healthy eating and those encouraging us to eat unhealthy foods. It is a fun approach to tackling a very serious problem and the children are rewarded for taking part in activities at home, school and clubs where they get points by completing challenges. The competitive spirit in the children brings out the healthy heroes through the digital gaming of Nutri Troops.

The interactive game supports parents and teachers by building a virtual world based on the national curriculum and nutrition education – a safe environment where primary school children can be transformed into healthy heroes.

This healthy lifestyle programme teaches KS2 children the benefits of keeping active and nutrition through engaging PE games, sport, handheld materials, animated characters and digital resources for schools. The National Curriculum and nutrition are used as themes through storytelling, allowing children to learn through imagination and engagement.

Schools can use the Academy Platform to dive into the world of Nutri Troops, read and watch the animated education videos and share their successes/victories from the character challenges. Schools and students can collect points from completing the challenges and go head-to-head with other academies to be crowned the Nutri League Champions. The Academy Platform is the network to other schools where they can share their success stories / news with parents and showcase their rewards and active clubs they have at school.