28. CRB Cunninghams

crb cunninghams

Company: CRB Cunninghams

Website: https://www.crbcunninghams.co.uk/

Founder(s): CRB Solutions and Cunningham merged in 2014 to form CRB Cunninghams. The current Managing Director of CRB Cunninghams is David Swanston.


About CRB Cunninghams


CRB Cunninghams is the industry-leading provider of cashless catering, online payment, and identity management solutions to education establishments in the UK, with over 55 years of experience providing software, hardware, and services to schools. Their mission is to help schools become cashless and benefit from the numerous effects this brings, such as reduced debt, food waste reduction and free school meal anonymity, to name just a few.

In 2021, CRB Cunninghams became the first UK-based education solutions provider to launch Facial Recognition software to school mealtimes. The software enables pupils to collect and pay for school lunches without physical contact, providing a fully contactless meal collection method. To use Facial Recognition, pupils select their meals, look at the camera and go, eliminating any contact at the point of sale.

Facial Recognition joins Fusion, CRB Cunningham’s expansive range of identity recognition options, including biometric smart card, PIN and QR scanners available within the cashless system. A complete cashless catering product, Fusion combines cashless catering and an online payment system into one solution, enabling schools to go 100% cashless with a completely integrated system.

Innovation is at CRB Cunningham’s core. In 2020, CRBC’s Fusion Online pre-order meal app for UK secondary schools was awarded Innovation in the 2020 Public Sector Catering Awards. Fusion Online enables pupils to pre-order their favourite meals in advance, ready to collect at lunchtime, offering a contactless meal ordering method that helps schools reduce food wastage and minimise lunchtime queues. As of September 2020, over 49,000 active users had registered to Fusion Online since its launch, which only increases each month.

CRB Cunningham’s vision is to remain the premier supplier of software, hardware, and duties to education establishments throughout the UK whilst developing and expanding their fully integrated suite of cashless, online payment and identity management systems.