29. We Are Fetching

Company: We Are Fetching

Website: https://www.wearefetching.com/

Founder(s): Rachel Beech


we are fetching


About We Are Fetching


We Are Fetching has built the first school collection platform enabling parents and schools to manage the school run digitally. The Fetching system combines a secure website for schools with an innovative parent app that enables parents to share pickups and drop offs with their network of trusted friends and family.

The free system not only reduces administration around changes to collection arrangements but, because it updates in real time, even last-minute changes are shown, preventing late pickups.

Currently changes to collection arrangements are managed via telephone or email – both of which are channels that can be used to imitate a parent and leave false instructions. The Fetching app requires all users to verify their identity using one form of government ID, meaning users can be certain that everyone they are interacting with is who they say they are, and schools know that all instructions have come directly from the parent.

Schools that use Fetching also benefit from reduced congestion as more children are collected per parent. Meaning fewer parents, fewer cars and better air quality around the school.

As parents begin to return to the office part time, paying for the minimum number of hours required by most childminders and nannies is being seen as unnecessary for the couple of days a week when they will be unable to do the school run. They are therefore looking for ad hoc childcare solutions, and this will often mean turning to family and friends. The Fetching system will prevent schools from being inundated by changes to collection arrangements, whilst allowing parents the flexibility to share informal childcare.


More information can be found at www.wearefetching.com/schools