5. UniBuddy

Company: UniBuddy

Website: https://unibuddy.com/

Founder(s): Kimeshan Naidoo & Diego Fanara




About UniBuddy


Life’s path leads all of us to landmark decisions. Open doors, turning points, and forks in the road. Each step and decision shapes our future profoundly. If an open door shapes our future, what about which university to attend and what course to study? The ramifications are beyond comprehension.

Unibuddy offers smarter student recruitment for higher education institutions by enabling prospects and  applicants to virtually connect with student ambassadors and school staff through the seamless web integration of its direct messaging platform.

Partnering with universities around the world since 2017,  Unibuddy has helped more than 12 million domestic and international prospects make one of the most important decisions of their lives by humanising, personalising and digitising their higher education journey. This is through chat, live events, and top-tier partnerships with institutions worldwide. Unibuddy has 117 employees across New York, London, Bangalore and Singapore.


Diego Fanara, Co-Founder & CEO, comments:

‘Unibuddy was born out of my own frustration in trying to make my university choice. How could I tell the difference between institutions from just prospectuses and their websites? What was it really like to study there? Would I relate to anyone there? And so Unibuddy was founded! Since we launched with just five universities in 2017, we’ve grown at a rapid rate, with more than 200 institutions world-wide recognising the value of digital peer-to-peer.’


UniBuddy aims to be completely transparent, sharing both the highs and the lows of an experience with users. They boast core values of teamwork, innovative thinking, and being resourceful.

Ultimately, UniBuddy wants to connect peers to enable better discussions in order for more informed choices to be made.