6. Memrise

Company: Memrise

Website: https://www.memrise.com/

Founder(s): Ed Cooke & Ben Whately




About Memrise


Looking for a language learning app that teaches words and phrases you will actually use? Enter Memrise, a fun and interactive language learning app that focuses on getting you street-smart, in whatever language you wish to learn.

With Memrise, you can pick from 24 different languages and focus on mastering phrases and words quickly in order to speak like a local. In fact, the app uses videos of native speakers (over 50,000) speaking in real life scenarios to help you understand the language and inflection associated with the words. Once you have mastered a set of words, your skills are put to the test with interactive quizzes designed to train memory muscles effectively.

Travel is one of the main reasons people decide to pick up a new language. Yet, we all know that in a post-COVID world, travel is going to look (and sound) a bit different. Memrise has designed a new Return to Travel Post-Covid 101 course to help you to navigate abroad safely and confidently. Featuring eight of Memrise’ most popularly learned languages (and a couple of top holiday destinations as well), each of the FREE courses are filled with words and phrases that you will need to get by with questions such as “Do I need to quarantine?” or “Do you sell hand sanitiser?”. As with all of the other official language courses, these new terms will contain a collection of video and audio clips from native speakers to give users a deeper immersive experience.

What sets Memrise apart is the applied memory techniques CEO Ed Cooke has embedded into the app. Named the Grandmaster of Memory in the World Memory Championships, Cooke has developed Memrise with the intent of combining retention techniques with the latest in education tech to deliver a relatable and engaging user experience.