7. Wakelet


Company: Wakelet

Website: https://wakelet.com/

Founder(s): Jamil Khalil


2 Students at Amesbury School Using Wakelet


About Wakelet


Used by millions of educators and students across the world, Wakelet is a platform that helps people organise and share multimedia content through what they call “collections”. Based in Manchester UK, the free-to-use platform allows anyone to create beautiful-looking collections of content using a simple copy and paste function. Any kind of content can be saved and embedded to Wakelet – including social media posts, YouTube videos, playlists, maps, slide decks, and much more.

In a world filled with information overload, it’s no surprise that Wakelet has become a must-have tool for educators worldwide, who can finally capture and share multiple learning resources in a visual, engaging way – through one single link. Educators are using Wakelet to build newsletters, resource libraries, portfolios, and lesson plans, along with dozens of other practical use-cases.

Outside of education, Wakelet is used by organisations like Airbus, Harvard, and the World Health Organisation to capture and share meaningful content as it happens, and showcase stories, updates, and initiatives.

With a growing team of 40, and supported by partnerships with Microsoft, Google and Adobe, it’s an exciting time for the Manchester-based platform. It’s worth noting that along with being completely free to use, Wakelet is also COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR compliant, and can be used by students of any age.


An Amesbury School, Hindhead teacher, Martin Gibb, the Head of Digital Learning, has praised Wakelet’s integration with other platforms:

“The use of Spaces provides a really simple and clear storage system for staff creating multiple Wakes. It provides a simple, clean work layout.”


Jake Whitby, third year tutor at Amesbury School, said:

“Integration of Wakelet with platforms like Flipgrid allows for teaching videos to be easily added, which can then be paused and re-winded at any child’s own pace.”


One Amesbury parent described the Wakelet platform as:

“Like a more powerful version of Pinterest. It’s not just images that Wakelet gathers together, like Pinterest, but all forms of online media, PDFs, YouTube links, you name it.”