29. FitrWoman

Company: FitrWoman

Founder: Dr. Georgie Bruinvels

Website: https://www.fitrwoman.com/

About FitrWoman

FitrWoman is a UK-based femtech company that offers a sports nutrition app designed specifically for women. The company was founded by Dr. Georgie Bruinvels, an internationally recognized researcher in the field of women’s health and exercise physiology, with the aim of providing female athletes with tailored nutritional advice and support around their menstrual cycle.

FitrWoman’s app is based on the latest scientific research on female physiology and nutrition, and offers a range of features designed to help women optimize their sports performance and recovery. These include personalised nutritional advice and meal plans, as well as insights into the menstrual cycle and how it affects exercise and nutrition.

In addition to its nutritional features, FitrWoman’s app also includes tools to help women manage their training and recovery. This includes workout tracking, injury prevention advice, and recovery tips to help women stay on top of their game.

FitrWoman’s app is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to women of all ages and fitness levels. The company works closely with female athletes and sports teams to ensure that its app is tailored to the unique needs and challenges of women in sport.