33. Moody Month

Company: Moody Month

Founder: Amy Thomson

Website: https://www.moodymonth.com/
Moody Month

About Moody Month

Moody Month is a UK-based femtech company that offers a mobile app designed to help women track their menstrual cycle and mood. The app was founded by Amy Thomson in 2018, with the aim of helping women better understand and manage their menstrual cycle and the associated emotional and physical changes.

Moody Month’s app offers a range of features designed to help women track and manage their menstrual cycle. These include a menstrual cycle tracker, a period prediction tool, and a range of personalized insights and recommendations based on each user’s unique cycle.

In addition to its cycle tracking features, Moody Month’s app also includes tools to help women manage their mood and overall wellbeing. This includes mood tracking, stress reduction exercises, and tips on self-care and relaxation.

Moody Month’s app is based on the latest scientific research on menstrual health and wellbeing, and the company works closely with medical professionals and experts to ensure that its recommendations and insights are evidence-based and effective.