34. Femometer

Company: Femometer

Founder: Adam Lou

Website: https://www.femometer.com/


About Femometer

Founded by Adam Lou, a longing father experiencing struggles to conceive with his wife, witnessing the heartbreak and struggles that his wife had to endure mentally and physically. After each devastating loss, Adam decided to find a way to help support women in their fertility journey, so in 2014, he founded Femometer to do just that – he wanted to put science and data together to work for the better of women’s health as well as provide an invaluable tool for family planning and pregnancy monitoring.

Femometer is a digital period, fertility and ovulation tracker, which allows users to make use of the period calendar, ovulation tracker, and fertility calculator, and tracks their progress using a personalised fertility chart. The company specialises in digitising women’s health – combining big data with AIoT technology to track fertility with products like basel body temperature (BBT) Thermometers, luteinizing hormone (LH) trackers, and supplements.

Femometer’s goal and mission is to provide knowledge, resources, products, and accessibility for all aspects of reproductive and fertility health. Providing education, accessibility and creating an inclusive atmosphere where the shame and stigma of infertility and pregnancy difficulties are banished, specifically for the trying to conceive (TTC) community. Femometer is for anyone who wants to take steps to listen, care and take control of their body.