35. Béa Fertility

Company: Béa Fertility

Founder: Tess Cosad

Website: https://beafertility.com/


About Béa Fertility

Béa Fertility is a company that aims to democratise access to fertility treatment, starting with at-home treatments. We are developing the first clinical-grade at-home fertility treatment, which will enable people struggling to conceive to carry out a simple fertility treatment called Intracervical Insemination (ICI) safely at home.

The aim of our ICI Treatment Kit is to make fertility care more accessible and affordable, by creating a new step on the fertility pathway for people who are trying to conceive. It will launch in the UK this year and will be a D2C product, available on subscription and supported by a digital health app to guide users through the fertility journey and access all the advice and support they might need.

Before starting Béa I’d been working on female-led ventures and femtech for a number of years, and was passionate about working on projects with impact.

At around the same time as I met one of my first co-founders at Béa, I was becoming increasingly aware of the inadequacies in the system that make fertility treatment inaccessible to so many people, and felt strongly that this was a problem I wanted to help solve. Trying to fix these health inequities was one of the driving factors behind the creation of Béa Fertility and is at the heart of what we’re building today.