37. Natalist

Halle Teco

Company: Natalist

Founder: Halle Tecco

Website: https://natalist.com/


About Natalist

Natalist is a UK-based femtech company that offers a wide range of fertility and pregnancy products. The company was founded by Halle Tecco and Dr. Elizabeth Barnes in 2019, with the aim of providing women with better access to high-quality fertility and pregnancy products.

Natalist offers a wide range of products designed to help women navigate the complex world of fertility and pregnancy. These products include ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins, and a range of other pregnancy-related items such as morning sickness remedies and postpartum recovery products.

Natalist’s products are designed with women’s health and wellness in mind. The company only uses the highest-quality ingredients in its products, and each item is carefully designed to be both effective and easy to use.

In addition to its products, Natalist also offers a wealth of information and resources on its website to help women navigate the various stages of fertility and pregnancy. This includes articles and guides on topics such as ovulation tracking, prenatal nutrition, and postpartum recovery.