38. Luv Juno

Company: Luv Juno

Founders: Dominique Elkind and Eila Mell

Website: https://www.luvjuno.com/
luv juno

About Luv Juno

Luv Juno is a bridal styling platform which uses tech, namely AI, to match brides to their perfect stylist. Founded in late 2022, the platform is addressing a very ‘traditional’ industry by using tech to streamline this industry (while still keeping that personal touch!).

Founders Dominique Elkind and Eila Mell, also symbolise this combination with Elkind being a Google Area 120 Veteran, and Mell being a author and well-known stylist to many brands and celebrities.

Elkind was actually the first to try the platform herself, with Mell styling her wedding. While still in early stages, Elkind is building this tech from the ground up to fill a gap in the industry.