39. Apryl

Jenny Saft and Tobias Kaufhold

Company: Apryl

Founders: Jenny Saft and Tobias Kaufhold

Website: https://apryl.co/

About Apryl

Apryl is a fertility benefits platform helping companies across Europe offer staff access to inclusive fertility and family forming services.

I founded Apryl in 2019 after freezing my eggs. My experience was mixed: I received little guidance or emotional support from my fertility doctor, and the process cost me thousands. I wished there was a better way for people like me, who were single and exploring their fertility, to access transparent treatments and feel supported along the way.

This sparked the idea for Apryl: a company working to help modern employers offer inclusive fertility benefits to every employee, helping them pay for everything from egg freezing to adoption services. Not only do we strive to make treatments more accessible and affordable, but we also offer the transparent guidance, support and advice that would have been so useful on my own fertility journey.

Since launching, Apryl has helped thousands of employees navigate everything from IVF to surrogacy; acting as a broker between fertility clinics and employees seeking support. Current clients include SoundCloud, wefox and Béa Fertility.